Best Writing Apps of 2020

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Many writers often wonder if there are any helpful apps for them. In fact, there are lots of them. Developers offer dozens of options and you are only left to pick the ones you find useful. It’s hard to pick the best app since they can serve different purposes. However, we can make a list of the top 10 apps for writing you should try for sure. Let’s take a quick look at each option in this article.

Top 6 writing apps

  • Evernote

This is an extremely popular app not only among writers but other people, too. The application is very simple and performs one function: it lets you take notes. However, it’s a very customizable solution. You may start with a free version that works on all devices (including desktops) and create as many notebooks as you want. Write to-do lists, take quick notes, dictate memos, etc.

  • IA Writer

It’s a perfect app for writing that has absolutely no distractions. Users often use it for writing blog posts, articles, and other kinds of content. It has a minimalistic design and virtually nothing else. The only thing is that it highlights the line you are currently typing. However, it fades away. The reviews often verify that it’s a great way to focus entirely on work and creative projects.

  • MS Word

We often treat it as traditional since the software is everywhere and we are used to having it on your laptops. Now, you can also buy a mobile version and turn your smartphone into a small computer. Use the features you know so well and get the writing done.

  • Google Docs

This is a great alternative to MS Word. The app is very simple and doesn’t differ much from the Google Docs you see when you use your desktop. It has an impressively wide selection of features. Use it for working offline and synchronize with other devices to conveniently access your writing from any household device.

  • Day One

The writing app designed for those who love journaling. If that’s your passion, this is the best solution on the market. It has plenty of tools to help you deal with things you are struggling with or focus on some creative thinking.

  • Lyric Notepad

It’s an interesting app created for people who write song lyrics. It has a laconic design and convenient navigation that lets you make notes of the ideas that cross your mind. The app comes with a metronome and helps to track rhyme and syllable schemes using color-code. Moreover, you can record yourself playing the songs and attach that to the files.


Writing apps can help you organize your information and keep track of the spontaneous ideas. They are also helpful as they let you write faster and produce more content starting from blog posts to novels and eBooks. Just pick a suitable app and get down to writing. If you want to get some writing apps on your smartphone, this list is a great place to start.