How to choose Virtual document collaboration tool according to security experts

File sharing security is a very important aspect for any company because it helps it to develop and grow, to make profitable deals. Your documents must be carefully protected during this process to eliminate the risk of leakage and theft, so tools for information transfer should offer only high-end security methods. Such tools are VDR, today it is the best program that serves for storage and exchange of valuable data, and in this article, we will tell how to choose the right quality data room provider.

How to Find the Best Virtual Data Room Provider

Information in today’s world is of great importance and so it takes a lot of effort to protect it, companies that have ever had a data breach know how unpleasant it is to deal with the consequences. Unfortunately, data theft is one of the main and frequent threats in the digital space.

To prevent this from happening, companies use cloud storage services, but are they all reliable? We can only say one thing, VDR is trustworthy to its customers. In addition to the fact that you can safely upload absolutely all of your company’s sensitive data there, you can also conduct business transactions in the program’s secure environment. 

Nevertheless, VDR providers can differ in their goals, with some offering services for due diligence and M&A, and others focusing more on storage and its security. Thus, before you buy VDR services, companies should carefully study the offers to make sure everything suits you. Below we have provided some aspects to consider before choosing a VDR.


For small and medium-sized businesses, this is a particularly pressing issue, while for larger companies, the issue may take a back seat. Nevertheless, regardless of the budget and size of your organization, you always want to buy something profitably. Providers can set their prices based on several factors: 

  • Some data room solutions offer a flat rate to be paid monthly with no limits on volume or number of users
  • Some have a cap on the number of users who will use VDRs, if you have more, you have to pay extra
  • Others have limits on the amount of storage or pages of documents that can be uploaded to the space, and to expand these you may have to pay a fee. 


Study in detail the security methods that the provider offers you and first look at the security certificate. It is best if the provider uses ISO certificates. Other security services that a good VDR should provide are:

  • 256-bit data encryption to protect against data theft
  • Two-factor authentication – to keep your employees’ passwords safe from hacks
  • Document access control – administrator sets permissions for document viewing 
  • Interaction limits – document editing and transferring functions are also adjustable, you can disable copying, screenshotting, document transferring
  • Monitoring – the administrator can monitor the actions of all users and see what documents they view

Client and language support

The vendor must offer 24/7 support, even on weekends, as you may have problems or questions about usage. Even better, when you are provided with an express training course from tech support. But if you don’t need it, you can omit that, the main thing is that the support team is professional and understands all the functions of VDRs perfectly. 

It would also be a huge plus if VDR supports multiple languages because this can be useful if you plan to cooperate with partners from another country.