How to remove Avast Secure Browser from PC in 3 Steps

How to remove Avast Secure Browser from PC in 3 Steps - Post Thumbnail

There is a quite distinctive oligopoly on the market of internet browsers today. Such browsers as Google, Opera and Internet Explorer have become household names between all the users due to their high functionality, pleasant interface and good support from developers. Avast Secure Browser on the other hand is a product of a company, well known for its Antivirus application. Even though Avast makes great cybersecurity software, the situation is significantly difficult with its browser. This article will explore this topic and explain how to remove Avast secure browser easily.

What are the main issues with Avast Secure Browser?

It is almost impossible to draw users’ attention to a new unknown product on such a market, to begin with. Most popular browsers can offer everything you could ever need from them and even more. When it comes to Avast Secure Browser, the company tried to enter a new market and quite frankly, it did not manage to do it successfully.

Main disadvantages of Avast Secure Browser are the following:

  • The least attractive thing about this browser is a lack of security. Many users reported the loss of personal data while using it. Such a problem occurs because the browser saves all of the search history and some other data from every user on the server, which makes access to it more open, especially for the hackers. As you can assume, it is inappropriate for a modern browser with such a name.
  • As the Avast company specializes in cybersecurity software, the market of browsers is a new field for it. Avast Secure Browser lacks functionality and feels like a raw product even today, especially compared to its competitors.
  • Lack of the users’ interest in this browser encouraged the company to put it in bundles with its antivirus application. It can be really frustrating to get a program you did not wanted to be installed on the computer.

Learn to remove this browser from the computer

It is very easy to get rid of it and even an amateur PC user can do it. The easiest way to remove it from the PC is by using the Control Panel.

Three steps to remove Avast Secure Browser from PC:

  • Open Control Panel by finding it in the main Windows menu (left bottom corner of the screen). You can find it in the list of the functions or type it in the search bar.
  • Examine the list of the apps and find the one you want to remove.
  • Choose the “delete” option between others. Confirm that you really want to remove it in the window that should appear.

Bottom line

By entering the market of browsers Avast company has faced a severe competition and low interest from the clients. Lack of security and functionality make most of the users delete it, which anyone is capable of doing.