Avast Premier Licence – Main Opportunities

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Antiviruses and other cybersecurity programs have become essential for modern computer users due to the growth in internet fraud and use of malicious software. Viruses have become more complex so only advanced antiviruses can fight them. Avast Antivirus is one of the most popular applications because it provides a high-level protection and additional features that can be useful to some users. There are different tariffs and licenses of it from the basic to Avast premier license you can get depending on your budget and needs. The article will explain the main benefits of the advanced premier option.

What can you get for the money?

Some users may argue that it is necessary to purchase a relatively expensive premier license if you just can use a free basic version. That statement can be right to some extent, but all you can get today without paying is a free trial period, and you will have to choose one of the tariffs afterwards. The point is that the premier license provides the best value for money.

Benefits of Avast premier license:

You get an unlimited improved protection with all its bonuses like Smart Scan and Avast Virus Chest. Increased speed and improved stability can be beneficial for all of the users.

  • Additional features that deal with the internet protection. You get multiple browser extensions that aimed to improve your surfing experience and proved a solid protection. You can disable them at any moment or choose only the ones you need.
  • Smart shield protects the system from any harmful software you can get from internet resources. It identifies the problem before it reaches your device and notifies you about it.
  • You can set a protection on 10 devices from one account. Only premier licenses can provide this feature, which can be essential for anyone who has more than three devices in use.
  • You get all of this in addition to a great customer support service and constant updates of the application, which makes it a perfect deal for the money.

How to get an Avast premier license?

Two main ways to get a premier license today:

  • You can visit an official website of the antivirus and purchase the activation key there. The price for it is $219.99 per year, which is not cheap. There is also an option to improve your antivirus from the main menu of it.
  • Another option is to find a website that provides free activation keys for the cybersecurity software. However, be aware that this method can be illegal in your country.


Avast premier license is a perfect deal for multiple devices users due to the feature of connecting up to ten platforms through one account. It makes the price pay off and contributes to the value for the price. All the additional features can be beneficial for some users too.